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The genius of the people of "The island of Ireland" was clearly evident over 5,000 years ago when, before the Egyptian Pyramids, before Stonehenge, before the Great Wall of China and even before the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Irish people built the magnificent Neolithic monument in Donore, County Meath – Newgrange.

More importantly, all of those other ancient wonders of the world have either disappeared, toppled, or declined and fallen into ruin, but yet, over 5,000 years on, Newgrange stands complete. A majestically proud symbol of Irish genius.

The DNA of that ancient Irish genius lies deep within every person of Irish heritage. Centuries of suffering brought about by invasion, oppression, suppression and famine, and the subsequent diaspora that decimated its population, could do nothing to dilute the ability of Irish people to succeed and prosper, no matter what the situation or challenge.

My Mission: Irish Success has been created as a project that enables all Irish people, and all those of Irish heritage, wherever in the world they may be, to celebrate the amazing, positive achievements and influences the Irish have had in countries worldwide.

My Vision: I hope that Irish Success will act as a source of positive inspiration to young Irish people and those of Irish heritage around the world, and let them see that they can achieve absolutely anything they want to in life as they are "Blessed with that dynamic Irish spirit".

Motivate - Enlighten - Inspire: By proactively engaging across social media platforms I aim to regularly deliver a positive message, directly to the laptops, pc’s, tablets and phones of the global Irish community. By researching, collating and delivering Irish success stories every day I look to give people of Irish heritage a reason to be inspired by examples of amazing Irish achievements, which will hopefully spur them on to be successful in their own lives.

Every day I research more and more Irish success stories, both modern and historic, and  from all over the world. These stories have been shared to an audience of over 550,000 Irish people across a number of social media platforms.  The growing readership and the kind messages I receive have proved to me that there is a huge appetite amongst Irish people for inspirational Irish success stories. Long may it continue.

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